An investment starts with an idea, a concept, a theory

We explore it, we research it, we model it

We discuss it, we challenge it, we build on it

We execute it, we monitor it, we measure it

The learning never stops. Innovate, challenge, evolve, and evaluate...repeat


Our Strategy

Ivaldi runs a global equity long short portfolio, comprised of diversified sub-strategies each managed by the best-in-class ‘second generation’ talent in the market, aimed at delivering consistent returns uncorrelated to prevailing market conditions.

Investing Risk Management Values Investing Risk Management Values


  • We operate a deep value multi-manager approach
  • Enhancing returns through conviction and creative thinking
  • Globally diversified investment strategies
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Risk Management

  • State of the art, centralised Risk Management strategy
  • Bespoke risk profiles created for each sector specialist
  • A continuous dialogue and understanding of behaviours
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  • We focus on the skills, knowledge, and experience of our staff
  • Encouraging an environment where staff can grow and develop
  • Transparent relationship with investors
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A people focused company

Ivaldi is made up of highly talented individuals who are specialists in their field. We have a collective passion for what we do, and come together to create an environment which each is proud to be part of.

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Ivaldi Capital works closely with a number of investment consultants, industry standard boards and data intelligence companies, including:

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